Zeagle Defender EBS 207 BAR

PN: 350-9200

Introducing the Zeagle Defender Emergency Breathing System (EBS) – your reliable companion for underwater escape in emergency situations. Designed to be your lifeline during unintended submersion, the Defender EBS is certified and tested to meet the needs of military, search and rescue, public safety, and rotorcraft operators. 

The Defender EBS boasts minimal moving parts, ensuring ease of use with its single-handed operation. With a robust and proven regulator design, this system prioritizes simplicity, reducing weight and bulk while enhancing reliability. You can trust in its exceptional breathing characteristics to significantly increase your chances of survival in critical moments. 

When every breath counts, the Zeagle Defender EBS is your smart choice for safety and peace of mind.

Also available in 310 BAR. Fill Adapter sold separately.

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