Oceanic+ Dive Housing

PN: 04.1900

Rapid, Professional Results.

Introducing the Oceanic+ Dive Housing — a groundbreaking tool redefining underwater operations for when your team needs a quick assessment of an underwater situation. This cutting-edge housing transforms your iPhone into an efficient, multifunctional dive computer and camera system, streamlining operations and delivering unprecedented advantages.

Swift Deployment, Instant Sharing: With Oceanic+, professionals experience unparalleled speed and ease of deployment. Seamlessly transition from surface to depths, capturing high-quality images and videos with automatic color correction directly to your iPhone’s Photos app.

Rapid Results, Real-Time Communication: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing enables instantaneous sharing of critical findings. Its intuitive interface, paired with the app’s simplicity, ensures swift access to dive profiles, overlaying vital data on images or videos for quick analysis and sharing. No more delays — efficiency meets precision.

Unmatched Advantages: Compared to complex camera systems or unmanned devices, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing stands out. Its user-friendly design and functionality make it an invaluable asset, delivering reliable results without the hassle. Operating depth to 196ft/60m, capture clearer, and share quicker — all at your fingertips.

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    Equip your team with the Oceanic+ Dive Housing

    Where speed, simplicity, and superior performance converge for unmatched underwater efficiency.

    • Police and Fire departments
    • Coast Guard
    • Public safety, SAR teams
    • Inshore and commercial operations, civil engineering

    Allowing for quick communication of any subsurface situation, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing keeps operator safety at the forefront. The Oceanic+ Dive Housing combines:

    • An underwater camera with automatic light and color correction
    • Advanced dive computer software with 3D digital compass
    • A cloud-based logbook to share photos and dive data instantly.

    Oceanic+ reduces the need for expensive, complicated deployable equipment, and extended periods to process, compile, and send data.

    Using an iPhone, critical data such as:

    Mapped ingress and egress points with GPS coordinates

    • Environmental data collection and visual profile mapping (depth, temperature)
    • Pictures with dive profile metadata
    • Upon surfacing, share pictures and dive profile with metadata straight from the logbook. This is ideal for your team or command to make quick decisions.