Zeagle 911 BCD

PN: 7607RK

Designed for Public Safety Divers.

The Zeagle 911 BCD was introduced in 1997 in response to numerous requests from Public Safety divers for a system that was designed to fit their needs. Since then, the 911 has been tested and proven by a large number of public safety agencies around the world. In particular, responders of all stripes laud the 911’s durable construction and flexible options as a rescue platform.

And because a good fit means a rescue is more likely to be successful, the 911 comes integrated with Zeagle’s Personal Fit System, which allows each of your team members to customize and tweak the 911 to their exact body specifications.

: XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL
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    Extra bells and whistles include SOLAS standard symbols on buckles, reflective trim on the bladder, additional D-rings, dual pockets for long octo hose storage on each bladder wing, and an included split saddle harness. As each mission’s different, yet critical, we understand the needs of your team, outfit or organization are special. To find out more about what the 911 can do for your emergency response, contact your Zeagle dealer.

    • PFS sizing system
    • Single or twin cylinder capability
    • Two double pull waist buckles in front
    • 1050 Denier Ballistic nylon
    • 65lb/29.5kg lift Ballistic bladder
    • 36lb/16.3kg capacity Ripcord weight system
    • 20lb/9kg capacity rear trim weight pockets
    • Adjustable sternum strap
    • Four D-rings on shoulders, two adjustable
    • 11″ spaced grommets for mounting twin cylinders and metal backplates
    • Two zippered utility pockets
    • Full lumbar pad
    • Six stainless steel D-rings on vest
    • SOLAS reflective symbols on buckles
    • Reflective 3M ScotchLite® trim on bladder
    • Split saddle strap
    • Two hose storage pockets on the bladder
    • Custom colors and sizes available